My hampi vacation — Day 1

Published at: December 22nd, 2019

Author: Nabendu Biswas

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I generally don’t write any blogs except tutorials and this is my first non-technical blog. I always wanted to start one, so starting with my hampi trip.

We reached hampi from Bangalore, in train by hospet passenger. The train was on time and we reached at 8:30 am.

Then, took a rickshaw and reached the hotel which was nearby. We had booked an hotel room through oyo (an Indian startup similar to Airbnb). But to our surprise, the hotel manager told that they don’t accept online payment done through oyo app. We had to call oyo to get it sorted. This kind of things nowadays is happening with all startups, where the operator want money to be paid to them directly. This happens with me all the time in Bangalore with Ola/Uber, where the cab driver wants cash.

The start was bad but we didn’t came to hampi to stay in a hotel room. To get around all historical places takes 1–2 day in hampi, so we decided to visit Tungabhadra dam with takes 4–5 hours.

After our South Indian breakfast, we took an auto and head over to Tungabhadra dam.

The dam is quite large and beautifully maintained by the government. It’s 2 Kms from the entrance, but you can take a bus also. We walked to feel the environment and the greenery.

The dam views are quite scenetic and once you reached the top, there is a small park to sit and relax.

But we wanted to see the watch tower, which was at the top. So, we had to climb around 300 steps to reach their.

We took enough breaks to climb the stairs, as my son is only 6. But it was worth a climb as you can view the whole dam from there and take some very good pics.

After that while moving back down, we visited the Tungabhadra garden, which had a mini zoo and aquarium.

The aquarium was just like any other aquarium but as usual my son enjoyed a lot

The zoo have deer and peacocks. I had seen deer many times, but this was the first time I had seen these beautiful peacocks.

After that we moved back to the hotel in the auto. We will be visiting all the iconic hampi places tomorrow and booked the auto for the whole day.

Pics from today is in these two Instagram link below.



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