My hampi vacation — Day 3

Published at: December 24th, 2019

Author: Nabendu Biswas

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Our day started by taking the auto and going to river point in hampi. It is the point from where we can take a boat to cross the river. It is hardly 200 meters and they take 20 rupees per person.

On the other side is a complete different world — hippie island. As the name suggests there are a lot of foreigners, who generally stays in India for more then a year. And they stay at cheap place and generally stay together.

This place is quite similar to Goa with restaurants run by foreigners and locals. And as with most places with foreigners, you get a lot of menu in Hebrew. Me and my wife really like this type of environment and been to Goa twice because of that. On reaching the other side we rented as two wheeler, as we always do in Goa.

After that we navigated through the hippie maze and headed over to the main road. We then went to the famous Hanuman temple. This is the temple where lord Hanuman was born during Ramayana age.

The temple is at the top of the hill and have 575 steps to climb. It took us 30 mins to climb. But after reaching at the top it had a divine feeling, which all pilgrimage have.

The view from the top is also very good and covers a lot of hampi

After that we took the bike and went to another Ramayana landmark. It was the place where Sabri gave lord Rama the famous Ber fruit.

After that it was lunch time and we headed back to hippie island to the famous laughing Buddha cafe. This place is very famous as it was covered in lonely planet.

The cafe like all other cafes at hippie island, have home stays also. These are tiny hut like separate houses.

The cafe is quite simple and full of tourists — both Indian and foreigners. But the view is spectacular, which have the beautiful Virupaksha temple.

The food is mainly Indian Chinese and continental but it takes ages to come. But it’s always great to sit at cafe and soak the great vibe.

After that we head over to Sanapur lake by driving the bike. We were lost a bit as there were no indicators.

This seems to be an overrated tourist place which just had a big lake and can be avoided. Although we took a great picture of the paddy field.

After that we reached back to the hippie island, returned the bike, took the boat to the other side. And rode the auto back to our hotel.

One of the learning from today trip was that, we should stay at hippie island as all hampi attraction are at walking distance from it except Vitthala temple. If I visit hampi again will stay here instead of hospet.

Pics from today is in these two Instagram link below.



Tomorrow is our last day at hampi and we covered everything. But our auto driver told that he will take us to two nice places. Let’s see what unfolds tomorrow.

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